5'' Jungle Bettie

This was the first Bettie Page figure that I made. It was a 5'' Xena II figure (the one with the red outfit). I replaced the right hand, which was in a fist, with a hand from, I think it was a spider woman. I had to file down the fingers because the hand was larger. Now I would probably use a different hand, but that's what I had available at the moment.

The rest was just a matter of filing off all of the boot straps and arm bands. Rather tedious because I had not yet discovered the wonders of the DremelŪ tool. Some MagicSculptŪ (some epoxy modeling substance) to add the arm bracelet and bangs. And then a painstaking paint job.

Oh, then there was the interesting challenge of the earrings. These were made from some small pieces of gold colored wire. The difficult part was that the holes I poked in her ears kept closing up before I could successfully get the wire into them! Xena's spear (I think it is actually meant to be an arrow) makes a nice accessory.

5'' Jungle Bettie

5'' Jungle Bettie detail

Here's a detail. I think it shows the face pretty well. The thing that makes this figure recognizable  as Bettie, in my opinion, is almost closed eyes, with heavy black lids, and the bright red lips, showing just a bit of teeth through her half-smile.

I entered this figure into a Customized Action Figure contest at a local comic book show. It was the only figure entered in the 5'' category, so I won by default. But, I think that it was one of the best ones there, overall. The guy running the contest said it was definitely one of the more well crafted figures there.

I chose a Slave Leia as my prize.

10'' Jungle Bettie

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