10'' Jungle Bettie

10'' Jungle Bettie This figure was made from a 10'' She-Hulk (which is the same body mold as the 10'' Xena, but a lot less expensive). Some cutting, some Magic Sculpt, a lot of white paint, a lot of peach-colored paint, and I sewed the clothes from some scraps left over from the Bettie Page costume that I made for myself.

I don't think Bettie Page would have been making a fist, so I usually switch that hand out with a hand from another figure, but I couldn't find any large female figures that don't have a fist, so I just turned it.

I don't have this figure anymore. I made it for the wonderful people who helped me make my Bettie Page costume.

10'' Jungle Bettie detail of head

A detail of the head.

10'' Jungle Bettie side view

A side view.

5'' Bettie in Red Bikini

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