The Louvre

27 April 1992

I spent 5 hours in the Louvre. It’s huge! And I only got to walk in half of it because half of the rooms were under construction. I now know that I can never look at another J.C. painting again (J.C. = Jesus Christ). The only ones I can stand are the ones where he’s a baby playing with a baby John the Baptist – it’s like Baby Flintstones or some cartoon like that – Baby Heroes of Christendom.

The Egyptian stuff was pretty cool, especially the hieroglyphics, and I also like the Greek statues. But there were too many paintings. ticket to the Louvre
Pyramid entrance to the Louvre Here’s a picture I found of the pyramid over the entrance to the Louvre. It looks much different than the rest of the structure. I wonder how people used to get in!