10 April 1992

Plane ticket to England This morning we flew into England. Now we’re on the train from the airport to London. It's very strange to be where people speak English (even if I sometimes can’t understand it!). Now we are in the car on the way to Manchester and I feel very strange. This very weird effect on my brain – some combination of culture shock and excitement and fear and some unnamed spawn of Beach theory (Both and Each – shore and sea – Europe and English) and the British version of grunge culture, which I’m quickly rediscovering since I got the tape of Nirvana yesterday.

At customs they asked us what we are going to do when we leave England. When we told them that we are going back to France, they asked, "Why? When are you going back to your own country?" I wonder if they were intentionally being as rude as they seemed.

14 April 1992

On the Underground I saw a girl with a familiar looking newspaper thing-y. I looked closer and it was a Fall 1992 State University of New York at Binghamton Student Course Guide! It was too weird (that's the college I just finished attending!). She was talking about it, too. About how she usually hides it when she walks around on the street, but I didn’t hear exactly why.

ticket for the London Underground