29 April 1992

We went out dancing again last night. We didn’t dance much, it seemed like the music was worse (a lot of old American music with dance beats added over them – or even without!) and it was a lot more crowded. We still had fun. Because it was so crowded, and everyone seemed to be tourists trying to pick each other up, people were constantly trying to talk to us, sit next to us, and otherwise try to pick us up (one guy even sat down and just put his arm on Jasmine’s leg, with his other hand out as if he expected her to take it. When we moved over, after trying unsuccessfully to get him to move his arm, he got up and came over again. Talk about pushy!) So, this has been great practice in not feeling responsible when people try to impose themselves on me, and I’ve had lots of chances to gracefully and not-so-gracefully remove myself from these situations and it’s very good to know that this is something I can do.

And by the end of the evening two guys sat down next to us who actually were really nice and I felt comfortable talking to them for a while and then we even went to their apartment and drank Absolut (one guy was Swedish and the other guy was French) for a little while till the French guy passed out and then the other guy gave use their phone numbers and addresses and if we don’t see him again before he leaves tomorrow he wants us to send him a postcard! It’s so funny and good to see that it’s possible to meet people who aren’t going to pull the typical expected shit. They didn’t try anything, although they did invite us to sleep there if we wanted, they promised not to try anything (and I believe it since one of them passed out before we even left) but we left. This way, if we see them again, it will be because we, or they, seeked the others out, not because we woke up in the same room as them.

Anyway, Tony, the one who’s leaving tomorrow, called and we talked for a while. It doesn’t sound like we will see him before he leaves. It doesn’t matter, though. It’s just good to know that I have the ability and the option to meet and hang out with people like this, on terms that I can feel comfortable with and even happy about.