My Collage

25 April 1992

We’ve been making collages with pictures from several identical issues of a Spanish fashion magazine Steve had some pictures in. This is one I just made tonight.

My collage

What a bitch to cut out all those sheep. Jasmine had a great title, which I now forgot. Something along the lines of "Sheep erupting from the giant blue phallus of time" but I don’t know if that’s really what it’s about. I only just now made the connection of the apple to the golden apple of Eris – or Discordia – the goddess of chaos. I did that totally unintentionally. I think it isn’t a portrait of doom, but of liberation: the sheep escape the bonds of time and head towards the promise of the golden apple, but beware the temptation and chaotic possibilities of the lure of "Kallisti" ("for the most beautiful one"). That is the unspoken warning. I didn’t intend any of that stuff when I made it. I only knew it would be a collage about time, one that didn’t favor time.

I only just now realized, too, that "collage" comes from the French word "colle" which means "glue"! Wow!