5'' Bettie in Purple

This is probably the most risqué version I have made so far. I have also given this one away. This figure was based very loosely on a photo of Bettie in which, if I remembering correctly, she is on the beach and wearing this diaphanous robe-like thing. I'm not sure if it was actually purple.

I am not as pleased with the painting of the face on this one as I am with the others. I don't feel that it truly captures an expression that is recognizably Bettie. But The figure came out pretty cool anyway.

The person I gave it to was quite pleased, and particularly seemed to like some of the extra touches I put into this figure, as you can probably see more clearly in the detail below.

5'' Bettie in Purple
5'' Bettie in Purple detail I think this detail pretty much speaks for itself.

You can see also, that the face is not awful, it just looks a little more like classic Barbie than like Bettie Page.

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