The Invisibles

Jack Frost Lord Fanny King Mob Ragged Robin Boy

The Invisibles. L-R: Jack Frost, Lord Fanny, King Mob, Ragged Robin, Boy
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This is a team for a comic book called, of course, The Invisibles. It's written by Grant Morrison, who I recently found out is a pretty amazing person. At the San Diego comic book convention this year (1998), I went to a ''Meet Grant Morrison'' talk. People were asking him some pretty heavy questions - not just ''Why did Batman say...'' kinds of things, but ''What are your spiritual influences?'' and ''What is the most profound experience you've ever had?'' and ''What is enlightenment?'' He would laugh and say, ''Can't anyone ask me 'What's your favorite color?''' Well, someone asked that and even that turned out to be a more complicated question than he thought!
In an attempt to add some levity, I asked, ''When will we see a Ragged Robin action figure?'' He said, ''Probably never. But someone once made a lovely King Mob that they sent me.'' The next day I went to a panel on making customized action figures. I was inspired. I thought, ''Why don't I make action figures of the Invisibles?'' It was the last day of the con, so I ran around buying base figures. I bought the ones that eventually became Boy, Robin, and the top half of Jack. I identified the one I would ultimately use for King Mob, but I wasn't actually able to buy it. I bought one that I thought would be Fanny, but I later found a better one.

I submitted pictures of these figures to a Vertigo Homemade Heroes contest and I won!


Here's a nice picture of Ragged Robin and King Mob.
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Ragged Robin King Mob

The Invisibles are © Grant Morrison.

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