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David Figure

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David is the third of the three main characters of Strangers in Paradise. Here he appears as he was in issue 9 of volume 2 of the series. He also appears this way on card #69 - which is a color version of one of the panels from that issue.

This figure is made from several others. His legs are from a Matrix Cypher figure. The torso is from an X-Files "Arctic" Fox Mulder. Mulder's legs were fine, but he was too short. Cypher was short, too, but his legs were longer than Mulder's. So, this combination brought the figure to the right height. Creating figures that are proportional is one of the most challenging aspects of making a series like this. Take a look at the three main characters all together. I think a did a pretty good job!

The right head was the hardest thing to find. The one I finally found is from a Section 13 Jackie Chan, of the Jackie Chan Adventures series. This figure was pretty complicated to make, but I was especially proud of the fact that he is still fairly articulated, despite the fact that I had to attach all these separate pieces.

I think it's interesting to note that all of the figures that David is made from are figures based on actual people, not comic or video game characters. Who knew that you could combine Joey "Pants", David Duchovny, and Jackie Chan to make your very own David. And, his glasses are removable!

© Terry Moore

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