My real sister

I kept trying to convince my sister that she looks a lot like Natalie Portman. She didn't agree with me. Finally, to prove my point, I made an action figure of my sister out of a Queen Amidala figure from Phantom Menace. The cool thing is that I didn't change the face at all, except to gently sand off the pink cheek color.

Here's a photo of my sister,
for comparison.
Eerie, isn't it?

This figure was very hard to photograph because the scale of the Star Wars figures is so much smaller than all the others. Finally I had to use my friend's digital camera.

She even wears her hair the same way, sometimes. I swear, I'm not making this up! Carla's hairdo
Action figure I made of my sister Carla

See Carla Before and After

Carla holding her action figure As it turns out, Carla really likes her action figure.
Here she is, holding it.

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